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In development

Pricilla is searching

for her 14-year-old sister Candice

trafficked by a Nigerian Child Sex Syndicate


Based on a true story

Filmed by

TV News Cameraman/Producer Adolf Spangenberg

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To the Journeyman Pictures release in 2007:

Jeppestown was the scene

of a bloodbath that would change Sunday

for ever in the minds of those who survive the victims

Of of the oldest game on the streets of Johannesburg,

Cops & Robbers


A 13 Part series made for television.

Exotic dancer Lilly Love is now 73 years old,

still living in Hillbrow, a neighborhood overrun by

drug peddling foreigners and cops gone bad,

giving protection to wannabe drug-lords and self-proclaimed landlords of hijacked buildings,

like the one Lilly lives in,

refusing to leave.


This Television Series is about a city’s past

catching up to its future, exposing the underbelly

of a world that only a few ever really experience

and even fewer would ever understand.

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